Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old Oven Art Café

From top left: Chicken Teriyaki Pizza, Barbequed Pork Ribs w/ Grilled Cajun Corn Salsa 
& Dijon Mashed Potatoes, Lemonade & Iced Tea in a Jar, 
Brain Challenge Tangram & more! (Photo c/o Troy Gonzalez)

Old Oven Art Café is Troy and I's current dinner nook. We love this place for its comfort food + homey & artsy vibe + games that bring out the dorks within us. The above picture features our favorites, but their Ravioli & Burgers are also worth going back for. They also make delicious hot chocolate with mallows (yes, those foil-wrapped pillows covered with chocolate), that makes you want to cuddle up in front of a fireplace with people you love. 

Visit Old Oven today! :) 

136 Katipunan Road,
Brgy. St. Ignatius, QC
(in front of Petron, White Plains)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

More doing, Less complaining

It's been two weeks since I started work at Aidea, and I'm actually liking it. :) The people are awesome, the place is nice and clean, and my workstation has a lovely view of the city! The environment is more fast-paced than what I was used to; Since my 1st week, I had 5 overtimes (including last Saturday), but funnily enough, I'm enjoying it. I like the thought of being part of a competitive group of people that aims to be the best. I'm also more productive, and content*. Maybe I'm really more for a corporate/office type of environment?

Anyhow, I've decided to follow a few resolutions for this semi-new phase in my life:

1. More doing, Less complaining.
It's okay to complain about stuff for a few times, but if it keeps on repeating, just do something to lessen or remove the source of irritation. For example: noisy officemate? plug in your earphones; Everybody goes through shit with their work, so just deal with it.

2. Exercise at least once a week (if there's an upcoming deadline), twice (if malayo pa).
I pretty much sit around the office the whole day, so I do my best to exercise on weekends. That, plus everyday 30 minute walks from my office to Fort bus terminal.

3. Eat meat only once a week, fruits only during merienda.
Sadly, I haven't done this the past 2 weeks. :( I just did my groceries though, so sana masimulan this week!

4. Socialize more.
Being the introverted person that I am, I tend to shy away when there are big groups of people, so I usually talk to 1 person at a time. Thankfully, my friend Val (who is the opposite of shy), also works at Aidea, kaya the new work transition phase is bearable. :)

5. Have a creative outlet.
I'm currently designing logos, and other graphic shiznit! Oh, and I changed my blog logo/header. I realized that the first one was too girly for me.

That's it. Hopefully, things will go smoothly from now on.

*content = only for this current phase in my life. :)

Creative Outlet

Some stuff I did last June, for Philips Eco Challenge & Team building activities!
Eco Challenge Logo

Eco Challenge Tarp

Philips United Tarp

I've always been interested in doing graphics/ illustrations/ layout. In fact, I learned how to use Photoshop back in high school, when I saw my sister was using it for some of her advertising work. Back in college, I wasn't into it much, mainly because everybody else was doing it (and they were waaay better than me). I still like doing graphics though. It's a good break from all the architectural work I do.

So thank you Philips, for giving me the opportunity to work on this!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, hello there!

I had the sudden urge to blog again last night, after spending some time trolling about the internet. For 6 years, I've been pouring my thoughts over at my old blog, being a LiveJournal baby that I was. However, it didn't feel right anymore. Something inside me said that it was time to move on. *insert dramatic music here*

And I feel that the timing's just about right, since I just quit my old job, and I shall start a new one next week. So hurrah for new stuff. :) Another reason why I wanted to go back to blogging was so I can have a greater appreciation of life. Naks!

Illustration by Pandara Creations

I've been developing a negative disposition lately, and I want to get rid of it. So expect a rambling & photodumping me, really soon!